NEW  RD23 25 27...20x10 -24                      place your orders now!

Check out the Wheel Tab for our new styles.  RD23 RD25 RD27 coming in a 20x10 -24.  Yep, you asked for it and you're getting it.


RD01 Dirt...20x12 -44                       place your orders now!

Check out the Wheel Tab for our new styles.  In additon to the new styles we have our number one wheel, RD01 DIRT coming in a 20x12 -44.  Yep, you asked for it and you're getting it.

Red Dirt Road is Kickin' up Dust at a Dealer near you.

Red Dirt Road is a wholesale distributor selling primarily to wholesalers across the United States and beyond.  In some areas where a wholesale distributor is not available we will sell directly to OffRoad and Tire Shops.  Click here for delivery information  or browse our product catalog.



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You’re USA proud.

You show it when you honor our military force, you show it by the support you give and gave to the hurricane victims and now, without ever saying a word, you can show it every day on your truck.  We’re American proud too!


And our U.S.A wheel is getting local color.

The beautiful island is a hot bed for wheels and looks like our USA wheel is soaking up local color.

RDR is the newest truck wheels to hit the market.  It has swept the country in a short amount of time.  It seems the stars have aligned themselves to make this the right off road line for you.  True off roaders will love the traditional sizing.  Sizes range from 16x8, 17x9, 18x9, 20x9, 20x10 and 22x10.  We have the most popular finishes with the rugged look you want for your Jeep or truck.  Finishes include:  Satin Black (mild sheen), Machined and Satin Black, and Chrome Plated.  Offsets include negative 12 (-12), Zero (0) and positive 12 (+12)  You'll love our pricing too.  Not the cheapest but no where near the expensive guys.  


Red Dirt Road are not just wheels.  It's a culture, it's pure ..KICKIN' UP DUST, unadulterated fun.

We'd like to give special thanks to Red Dirt Jeep for their involvement with RDR.  See some of their crazy cool pics in our gallery.

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